SDCC: Sherlock No More

At a panel for Titan Comics’ Sherlock Manga, based on the popular BBC/PBS adaptation, series co-creator Steven Moffat gave some hints at the future of the hit series.

Moffat who has ran both Sherlock and Doctor Who for multiple years, and is stepping away from The Doctor after this upcoming Christmas Special, seemed to talk as if the Benedict Cumberbatch led series would not see a new season anytime soon. Moffat said he assumes, “probably wrongly, that at some point we’ll all show up somewhere and do it again when our careers have dipped.” Later on he stated that he assumes at some point they may continue the series. But overall, his remarks didn’t seem very concrete or convincing.

The last season of the show seemed to wrap things up rather well, with the potential forHolmes and Watson it to be the entire Series Finale. That being said, Moffat has often gone back and forth when asked about additional season stating that things would maybe wrap up with one more special, only for them to make an entire season again. Given that Moffat will have more time on his hands now that he has begun to pass the reins for the Doctor Who series onto Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch), there’s a chance he may be able to focus primarily on Sherlock and get a new season up before long. That being said Cumberbatch and other series lead Martin Freeman have become increasingly busy with their recent rise in fame, which may lead to more difficulties scheduling rise.

We’ll see if the Sherlock team every reunites. For now the first Sherlock Manga “A Study in Pink” is available from Amazon and other retailers with “The Blind Banker” due out stateside on October 10th.

Sherlock Manga

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