Golden Rule: It’s Okay To Admit You Haven’t Seen Pixar’s “Lou”

Leading up to the 90th Academy Awards on March 4th, we’re going to be diving into as many of the nominated films as possible and taking a look at what their chances are for taking home the Oscar. You can check out our list of where to watch each film here, and see the full list of nominees here. Today we’re continuing things with a look at “Lou,” which is nominated for Best Animated Short.

“Lou” is Pixar’s short that was released in theatres with Cars 3. The film centers around a creature made from the items within a lost-and-found at a kindergarten playground. It’s a cute and sweet film, exactly what you would expect from a Pixar short film. The film is definitely one of the better short films Pixar has made in the grand scheme of things, but I don’t believe that it’s their best.

I’m going to preface this by saying I do really love this short film. However, I feel as though there’s other animated shorts that may have been more deserving of this nomination. The field for Animated Short is wide-ranging, and there are millions of animated shorts made each year by amazing filmmakers. Again, no disrespect to writer/director Dave Mullins or anyone on the team, but I feel as though this film is just filling a “dedicated Pixar slot.”

The frontrunner in this category right now is “Dear Basketball” by veteran animator Glen Keane and former basketball player Kobe Bryant. It’s hard to believe that short will lose in this category, but if it does, “Lou” is probably its biggest competition. There are a lot of Academy members who won’t see the animated short films and will vote blindly, meaning there’s a good chance that they’ll vote for “Lou” under those circumstances.

“Lou” is currently on the Cars 3 DVD and Blu-Ray and is available for rental or purchase on Amazon and iTunes. Be sure to keep following Poor Man’s Spoiler for all of our Oscar coverage. The Oscars air on ABC on March 4th at 8pm ET.


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