Golden Rule: Molly’s Game Won’t Play

Leading up to the 90th Academy Awards on March 4th, we’re diving into as many of the nominated films as possible to look at what their chances are for taking home the Oscar. Today we’re looking at Molly’s Game, which is nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Molly’s Game tells the story of Molly Bloom (Jessica Chastain), a former championship skier that hosted the world’s most exclusive poker game for over a decade before being arrested by the FBI. The film takes place after her initial arrest and the release of her tell-all book, and we see Molly fighting an indictment that ties her to the Russian Mob.

The film is written by and is the directorial debut of Aaron Sorkin. If you know Sorkin, this is immediately evident from the first scene of the film. It screams Sorkin dialogue – which isn’t a bad thing. There’s just a rhythm to his writing that’s very distinct. If you like Sorkin’s work, you’ll definitely enjoy the film. If you don’t have an opinion on Sorkin, you’ll probably enjoy the film.

With all of that being said, the film is great. Jessica Chastain does an amazing job in the film. Michael Cera and Idris Elba give amazing performances in supporting roles. I’m kind of surprised Chastain didn’t get a Best Actress nomination because she knocks it out of the park all throughout the film.

Will the film win an Oscar? Probably not. As of now, Call Me By your Name is the frontrunner, and it’s highly unlikely that film will lose. It’s a great story and a great film and deserves the win. Does Molly’s Game deserve the nomination? Most definitely. But this just isn’t Sorkin’s year.

Molly’s Game is currently in select theatres. Be sure to keep following Poor Man’s Spoiler for all of our Oscar coverage. The Oscars air on ABC on March 4th at 8pm ET.

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