SDCC: Dr. Horrible Returns in Comic Book Form

The 2018 San Diego International Comic Con has begun, and we’re going to be covering the news breaking out from the SDCC all weekend!

At a panel for the 10th Anniversary of Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, writer and director Joss Whedon announced a new comic book sequel. The comic, Doctor Horrible: Best Friends Forever is set for release on November 14th, and is being released by Dark Horse. Check out the cover and the official plot description below.

Image via Dark Horse

In Dr. Horrible: Best Friends Forever, the time temptress herself, Hourglass, is in dire trouble and turns to that team of famous best friends, Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer, who are best friends, yes they’ve always been best friends why are you giving me that look?

Fans have been hoping for a sequel to the much beloved series for ten years. Every now and then Whedon has teased the possibility. But at this point it feels like that may never come to pass. At the very least we may see more comics released if this one is successful.

You can pick up Doctor Horrible: Best Friends Forever when it hits Comic Book Stores and Bookstores on November 14th. Keep following Poor Man’s Spoiler throughout the weekend for more updates on everything coming out of SDCC 2018!


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