King Ghidorah to Sue House Targaryen for Unapproved Use of Likeness (By Toby)

Toby has some news on a developing legal conflict.

(Editor’s note: There’s a rumor that Alex Lancaster, the founder/Editor in Chief/Lead Writer for Poor Man’s Spoiler, secretly has a Quasimodo-esque love child he keeps hidden away in some basement. This has never been proven, but if true, said child would likely have an opinion on films and entertainment. “Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” and all that. Today we bring you an article by Toby. We apologize.)

Our…man? on the scene, Toby Wanye, recently uncovered a case making it’s way to the courts later this year regarding a King of the Box Office and a Keng uf dah nerf. Here are the details we know so far: 

It could happen to anyone. One minute, you are frozen in Antarctica waiting for either global warming or enough plastic in the ocean to set you free from your prison. The next, a bunch of eco-terrorist have set you free and you see this on some soccer mom’s minivan:



Imagine the shock and horror of seeing yourself next to a “live, laugh, love” sticker or a stick figure family. Our thought and prayers go out to King Ghidorah in this difficult time. 

“ToBy ThAt’S cLeArLy ThE tArGaRyEn SiGeL, yOu ArE a MoRon.” – you. AM I THOUGH?! Let me show you an undoctored photo of the original design for this sigil:gold hmmmm….. That looks like someone familiar. 

I reached out to the last surviving member of the House Targaryen and a representative has stated, “Our client knows nothing.”

jon snow

We’ll have to see as this goes through the legal system.

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Written by Toby
(Toby is not a real person. This is a parody. A farce. A satirical piece. Do not take anything in this article seriously. It is written and created for entertainment purposes only, and honestly shouldn’t be read by anyone. Except as a means of torture. I mean, unless you’re into that thing. We don’t judge.)

Image via WB

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