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Punisher: Marvel and Netflix Create a Slow Burning Character Piece

Netflix and Marvel have had a great track record in recent years with the TV shows based on Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. As well as the Team-Up series, The Defenders. For the most part these shows have received praise from fans and critics alike for not only being solid material but truly realizing each of the titular characters. After the introduction of The Punisher in season 2 of Daredevil and the praise for Jon Berenthal’s performance as the gun toting vigilante, a TV series based on the character was greenlit. That show was released last weekend and may in fact be Marvel and Netflix’s best venture yet.

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Review: Justice for the League

I’ve always been a fan of the DC Comics characters. Batman has always been my favorite superhero. Although there was a period when I was a small kid where Flash took that title. But I’ve done my best to consume every version of the Justice League wherever available. Comics. Animated Series. Games. Straight to video films. So the prospect of a Justice League live action film is something I’ve yearned for my entire life. After seeing the film, I have to say I’m much more satisfied than I expected to be going into the theatre.

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RESHOOTS IN PROGRESS (An Update on Our Site)

Hey friends! We had some technical difficulties with the site recently which caused us to have to sort of restart everything we had planned. But, sometimes that’s a good thing in the Entertainment world, and we think it may be a good thing for us. We have a TON of new features coming up, and plans that will make Poor Man’s Spoiler even better than it’s ever been before! So stay tuned!

SDCC 2017 Recap: Everything You Want/Need to Know (Part 1)

We’ve been working on compiling all the information out of Comic Con and it’s been a hell of an undertaking. To make it a bit easier we’ve decided to give you two HUGE posts with all the important info right here. (We’ve split it into two parts, with the first part consisting of all the stuff you may not have heard about. Part 2 will feature our full rundown of the Arrowverse shows, Gotham, The Walking Dead and a few other big players.)

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